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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  May 2, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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roar-acle. >> "nightly news with david tonight, breaking news. president trump and now his second attempt to repeal and replace obamacare. will it go down to defeat again? after a key republican bails, the debate over covering americans with pre-existing conditions. also tonight, hillary clinton on stage, delivering her own stunning version of why she lost. saying, if the election had been held on october 27th, she would be president tonight. the rage on a passenger jet, the violent confrontation, the flight attendant who tries to stop them, and it all comes amid a new grilling on capitol hill, over the unfriendly skies. the stunning reversal. the white officer who fatally shot a black man. his about-face in court. both families weeping. we are just back from the frontlines, in the race to save the children. 20 million people now at risk of starvation, four countries on the brink of famine.
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and jimmy kimmel. his very personal reveal about his newborn son. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a tuesday night. and we begin with that new effort to repeal and replace obamacare. this is president trump's second try with the republicans on the hill and tonight it's on shaky ground. another major republican saying he's not in. it would appear the main sticking point -- how to cover americans with pre-existing conditions. the current proposal allows states to opt out even though the president has said pre-existing conditions will be covered. so, which is it? where does his effort stands? and all of this comes tonight as the president said something else today, american needs a good government shutdown. abc's mary bruce. >> reporter: today, with congress poised to vote on a spending bill without any money for his border wall. president trump fired off an angry tweet, saying, "our country needs a good 'shutdown'
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in september to fix mess!" the president fuming as democrats declare victory. >> so, no money for the border wall, not one plug nickel. >> reporter: democrats also held off cuts to domestic programs like medical research and the environment. even though trump didn't get most of what he wanted, the president called it a win anyway. >> this is what winning looks like. >> reporter: the president pointing to increased funding for border security. >> we have more money now for the border than we have gotten in ten years. the democrats didn't tell you that. they forgot -- in their notes, they forgot to tell you that. >> reporter: the democrats' victory lap, clearly not sitting well with the president. >> i think the president is frustrated with the fact that he negotiated in good faith with the democrats and they went out to try to spike the football and make him look bad. >> reporter: but calling for a shutdown? >> would that be good for republicans? >> schumer's over there in the cloakroom smiling on the front page of every newspaper today. so i think what was president
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trump is saying is we need to get our act together. >> reporter: the finger-pointing over who won the spending fight today overshadowing an ever bigger battle. mr. leader, when are we going to see a vote on health care? >> soon. >> reporter: for weeks constituents venting. at the center of the fight now, pre-existing conditions. house republicans pushing a bill that would allow states to opt out of the requirement preventing insurance companies from discriminating against people with those conditions. tonight, a key republican, the former chair of the committee that helped draft the legislation, says he cannot support the current bill without those protections for people with pre-existing conditions. >> this amendment torpedoes that. i told the leadership i cannot support this bill with this provision in it. >> reporter: a big blow for republicans as they scramble to push health care reform over the finish line. let's get live to mary bruce on capitol hill tonight. mary, where does the effort to repeal obamacare stand tonight? and on this notion of covering pre-existing conditions, the president says he wants them
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covered but the bill does allow states to opt out? >> reporter: david, the concern for many here is that this current bill could undermine the protections for people with pre-existing conditions. the house republicans on the brink of losing too many votes. two more no votes could singh this bill. >> mary bruce leading us off from capitol hill. mary, thank you. hillary clinton breaking her silence on what she believes led to her stunning loss. it immediately made headlines today. saying, if the election had been held on october 27th, that she would be the president of this country tonight. secretary clinton says she does take personal responsibility saying it was her name on the ballot. but she also made it clear that late move by the fbi director 11 days before the election, she says, changed the race. here's abc senior white house correspondent cecilia vega. >> reporter: hillary clinton, today, speaking out on what she believes cost her the election. >> i take absolute personal responsibility. i was the candidate. i was the person who was on the
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ballot. >> reporter: shouldering some of the blame, but not all of it. >> i was on the way to winning until a combination of jim comey's letter on october 28th and russian wikileaks raised doubts in the minds of people who were inclined to vote for me but got scared off. >> reporter: team clinton believes that is the day she lost the race. clinton was in the air when the fbi director announced he was looking into her e-mails yet again. the election was less than two weeks away. >> if the election had been on october 27th, i'd be your president, and it wasn't. >> reporter: the news dominated the front pages, and clinton, who is now writing a book about her experience, says, she paid the price. >> did we make mistakes? of course we did. did i make mistakes? oh my gosh, yes. you'll read my confession. [ laughter ] and my request for absolution. but the reason why i believe we
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lost were the intervening events in the last ten days. >> reporter: clinton attended the inauguration of her former rival. but now, she's pulling no punches. >> i did win more than 3 million votes than my opponent. [ cheers and applause ] so it's, like, really? i see the tweet coming. well, fine. you know, better that than interfering in foreign affairs if he wants to tweet about me. i'm happy to be the, you know, the diversion. he should worry less about the election and my winning the popular vote than doing some other things that would be important for the country. >> reporter: going after president trump for comments like this -- >> it's an unbelievably complex subject. nobody knew that health care could be so complicated. >> health care is complicated. [ laughter ] >> reporter: as for her own future, after all those walks in the woods, clinton is now focusing on writing.
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>> you can read all about this excruciating analysis that i'm engaged in right now when i'm not in the woods walking my dog. >> is it therapy? >> i wouldn't say it's therapy. i would say that it is cathartic. >> reporter: she says she has no plans to stay in the shadows. >> i'm now back to being an activist citizen and part of the resistance. [ applause ] >> all right, she said she's part of the resistance. cecilia vega live with us tonight. hillary clinton isn't going away. you covered this campaign, you talked to your sources tonight, is there a chance she's considering another run in 2020? >> reporter: well, david, 2020 is still a long way off. this is what i'm told, she no longer wants to sit on the sidelines and while we can expect to hear and see hillary clinton in the weeks ahead it will be as an activist not a candidate. >> cecilia vega with us. thank you, cecilia.
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we move on tonight to that stunning about-face, that guilty plea from a former police officer in a racially-charged shooting death that made national headlines. the incident all caught on video. that's officer michael slager chasing walter scott, firing eight times as scott ran from him. abc's steve osunsami in south carolina tonight. >> reporter: for nearly two years the officer seen in this traffic stop, claimed he did nothing wrong. today, a stunning reversal. for black americans today, a sense of justice. >> today is a good day for justice. i thank god for justice. >> reporter: the officer behind the gun, 35-year-old michael slager, now admits he wasn't defending himself when he shot 51-year-old walter scott in the back in 2015, and that he acted "with specific intent to do something the law forbids." saying those words in court, that he's guilty, now puts an end to both the federal and state trials against him. >> today is rare. the garners, the blands, the
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rice family, they didn't get this type of justice that we got today. >> reporter: in state court, slager explained that there was a violent fight that you didn't see in the cell phone video. >> i fired until the threat was stopped, like i'm trained to do. >> reporter: at sentencing later this year, prosecutors say they'll ask for hard time, 20 years, the scott family would like life. david. >> steve osunsami tonight. steve, thank you. we turn this evening to the urgent warning now that four countries are on the brink of famine. 20 million people, families and children. tonight, right here, we're with the doctors who are in a race against time as we traveled with the american woman who runs save the children. you're about to see what we witnessed in somalialand. an autonomous region in northern somalia as millions face starvation across the horn of africa. >> reporter: we set out to reach
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some of the most remote villages in somalialand. there is an urgent crisis unfolding largely unnoticed by the rest of the world, families and children at risk of starvation. in the first village, harashef, the line begins early in the morning. they know the trucks are coming. >> how many hours away? >> that would be, like, two hours to get here today. >> reporter: to get from the nearest water site? >> yes. >> reporter: here it's not just the food they need, but water. save the children is trucking it in. you haven't had a drenching rain here in years. >> it hasn't rained in close to three years now. >> reporter: halima, a mother of five, stands in line. all of her livestock is gone. they have no food. we ask the last time, there was any rain? she remembers the day. it happened once, last year. on the hill, sit two trucks to deliver water for hundreds of families. if you look over my shoulder, here, you'll actually see that this is what it's like as these families come here every single day to get water. we witness a rush of families, trying to get to the hoses that will give them enough water to last just a couple of days.
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we journey from west to east. 70% of the livestock, the farm animals, have died. it's really everywhere you look. this mother is among the many, forced to move closer to a village, hoping for food. she had 200 goats. there are just ten left. and this is now her home. she shows us where she sleeps with her children. five sleep here. her days are spent worrying about food. >> she worries every day. she is the mother and the father. >> reporter: as we journey deeper into the desert, we see evidence starvation has set in. they are on the brink of famine here. april is supposed to be the wettest month but as you can see it is bone dry. authorities say more than 6 million people are now struggling to find food, 200,000 children are at risk of starvation. our first hospital, and we see the urgent effort to keep the children alive. the little boy being weighed, his eyes filled with fear.
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and then there was hamda, she's nearly two years old, she's been here 18 days, and still weighs just 11 pounds, half what she is supposed to. the hunger breaking her immune system, she now has pneumonia. the nurse tells us that hamda was so weak, they feared she wouldn't survive another ten minutes. more than 100 miles away, we arrive at a hospital in burao, where we are told there aren't enough beds. the moment we walk in, we see it. this little girl is 2 years old. her eyes hollowed. dr. yusef ali is on the frontlines. >> these are the lucky ones who reach the hospital but there are so many kids who don't make it to the hospital. >> reporter: he tells us many children have already died. >> you believe you're on the verge of famine? >> that's what i believe. that's what i believe. >> you're seeing it. >> we're seeing it here. i don't need a witness to prove it because you can see these patients all over here who are malnourished.
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most of the kids do not make it to the hospital. >> reporter: even this boy who's now here is still losing weight. >> he's in critical condition. >> reporter: suffering from severe diarrhea brought on by the hunger. >> you can see the bones. there's no flesh on the bones. it's just skin and bones. >> reporter: the doctor says there are no promises. >> he's still in critical condition, and we don't know if he's going to make it or not. >> reporter: there was samira, almost 2, though her tiny frame says otherwise. >> four days in a row, she's lost weight, the hunger breaking down her defenses. she had measles, and now pneumonia. and in this hospital where you hear the cries of the babies, equally as haunting is the silence from the toddlers. osman has lost the strength to talk. he cannot talk? he hasn't been talking? the images on the walls here do not distract from the truth. they are running out of time. you think you're losing those children? >> we are losing them. we are losing them. >> reporter: aware of that reality, we travel with the american who runs save the
5:44 pm
children, carolyn miles, another hour east. where they are now sending out mobile clinics to isolated villages deep in the desert, we find a little boy, so weak he cannot stand. they put a band on his arm, the red signaling severe malnutrition. >> it's one of the worst crises that we've seen since world war ii. >> are you concerned the world does not recognize what is happening here? >> you know, i don't think the world has really woken up to this disaster at this point. they haven't really realized what's happening. >> the possibility of four famines at once? >> the possibility of four famines at once. >> reporter: as the children are weighed, parents here are given plumpy nut, the packet of nutrients, that in the early stages, can bring a child back. and in a brief escape, we see the smiles here, when we show some of the children, their own faces, in our phone. a rare moment of joy, in a region crushed by hunger. that boy with the band now sent off for emergency care, the next wave of children right behind him.
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and so many of you have already been tweeting me, writing to us on facebook asking how you can help. save the children points out that plumpy nut costs about 50 cents. $10 would feed a child for more than a week. you can learn much more on the "world news tonight" facebook page. and of course, much more of our journey tonight, on "nightline." there's still much more ahead tonight this tuesday -- the passenger brawl in the cabin. punches thrown. the flight attendants trying to break it up. just as airline executives faced a grilling on capitol hill today. we have new information tonight about the missing american veteran and his girlfriend found dead abroad. what police have now revealed. and jimmy kimmel, his emotional reveal about his newborn son. and now, the new message he's sharing tonight. hi, i'm mindy kearns. it's great to finally meet you. nice to meet you too. your parents have been talking about you for years. sorry about that. they're all about me saving for a house,
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aleve, live whole not part. tell you what, i'll give it to you for half off. next tonight here, a major brawl erupting inside the cabin of a passenger plane. you will see the moment and it
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comes just as airline executives face a grilling on the hill today. many asking, what's happened to flying the friendly skies? here's abc's chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: tonight, another brawl aboard a plane. >> someone help, this guy is crazy! >> reporter: two passengers duking it out before takeoff on this all nippon airways flight from tokyo to l.a.x. >> i'll kill you! >> reporter: the airline says that man in red pulled off the plane and arrested. >> the biggest issue was the unpredictable nature of this guy. it made it really dangerous. >> reporter: just the latest cabin clash caught on tape as u.s. airline executives today faced a grilling on capitol hill about their own customer service. >> passengers are frustrated. >> reporter: airlines in the hot seat after this infamous video of a doctor dragged off a united plane. >> no customer, no individual should ever be treated the way mr. dao was, ever. >> reporter: united ceo promising change, american airlines also apologizing for the way this mother was treated during a dispute over a stroller on their plane.
5:49 pm
>> we did not handle this situation as it should have been handled. >> reporter: members of congress sounding off on everything from prices to fees to delays. >> we're kind of sick of it as the consuming americans. >> and the committee chair warning the airlines to get their act together or face new regulations from congress. which in his words, david, they're not going to like. >> lot of frustrated americans, too. all right, rebecca, thanks. when we come back here, the personal reveal from jimmy kimmel about his newborn son. also tonight, authorities revealing new details about what happened to an american and his girlfriend who were found dead abroad. we'll be right back. camera. (vo) you know, if you lease that samsung galaxy s8, you could get a gs7 edge lease on us. that's two galaxy's for the price of one. would that work for you? (topher) yea, it works for me! (vo) plus you could get unlimited for $30 per month per line for 4 lines. and for a limited time, the 5th line is free! would that work for your son? (topher) rosenberg, does it work for you? he says it works for him! (vo) don't let a 1% difference in network reliability
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help stop the journey of gum disease. try new parodontax toothpaste. ♪ to the "index," and to a major new development in the deadly police shooting of a high school freshman in texas. 15-year-old jordan edwards was inside a car leaving a party near dallas when he was fatally shot. after police first said the car was backing toward the officers aggressively. the police chief now retracting that statement, citing police video showing the car driving in the other direction. new details tonight about a
5:53 pm
missing american and his canadian girlfriend found dead abroad. authorities in belize now say they believe the marine veteran and his girlfriend were murdered. strangled to death. the pair was last seen nearly a week ago at a local bar. and an all-star baseball player speaking out tonight after he said fans taunted him with racial slurs. baltimore orioles outfielder adam jones responded today that boston red sox used that slur and threw a bag of peanuts at him at fenway park. jones said the slurs have no place in baseball. the ins didn't is bigger than the game. the red sox issuing a public apology tonight. when we come back here on a tuesday night -- jimmy kimmel and what he revealed to the world about his newborn son. the very emotional moment. and tonight, the outpouring of support.
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finally tonight, jimmy kimmel makes us laugh. but last night, he shared a very personal story about his newborn son. here's linsey davis. >> i have a story to tell about something that happened to our family last week. >> reporter: it was an earnest attempt at laughing to keep from crying. >> billy was born with, um, a heart disease. >> reporter: last night, jimmy kimmel, sharing a personal story about his newborn son's open-heart surgery. >> this is what he looked like on monday, but this is what he looked like yesterday. poor kid not only did he get a bad heart, he got my face. >> reporter: as for kimmel's
5:58 pm
heart, it's filled with gratitude. >> he opened the valve, and the operation was a success! it was the longest three hours of my life. >> reporter: and he wants everyone to have the same access to healthcare. >> if your baby is going to die, and it doesn't have to, it shouldn't matter how much money you make. >> reporter: billy's now at home with his parents and big sister, jane. >> and you can see jane is pretty excited about having another child in the house. [ laughter ] >> reporter: laughter, still, the best medicine. >> we're all pulling for billy. he's got a brave dad. >> thank you for watching. i'm david muir. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow. goodnight. tonight the sierra lamar murder case is coming to an end,
5:59 pm
and while the jury looks at evidence, it was all about emotion inside the courtroom today. we were 100% unprepared. >> video shot inside what was supposed to be a luxurious festival in the bahamas, but is now the target of a $100 million lawsuit. honoring the best restaurants in the country, and the bay area scores big, the one award years in the making. plus it's the hottest day of the week and this weather is setting records. >> this is the highest stakes case we have in our society. >> the prosecution is close to wrapping up its closing arguments in the trial of antonin garcia torres of killing sierra lamar, five years ago near morgan hill. >> as details of the case are laid out one last time, emotions are running very high. >> abc7 news reporter david lui
6:00 pm
has been at the courthouse all day. >> reporter: in a matter of days, a jury at this courthouse will decide whether or not antonin garcia torres is guilty or not of killing sierra lamar, even though sierra disappeared five years ago, jurors were reaching for tissues as they heard the details of 24 troubling case. this is the last time for the prosecutor and the defense attorneys to convince the jury of antonin garcia torres' innocence or guilt. the evidence is based on circumstance because sierra lamar's body has not been found. sierra's father steve maintained a daily presence in court, her mother marlene took the witness stand early in the trial. in court they sat just a few


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